Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maxi Collar, The Dearest! (DIY)

Wow! Did you know that Maxi Collars are the best? To give a elaborate look or only complement some basic t-shirt, it's super in and a must-have that fits with almost evething!  Just pull over an basic t-shirt and a glamurous maxi collar, and you are ready to go to a party! Oh, another tip: you can use in the day, as well in the night! Want more? This necklace elongates the body hiding the chubby belly.

Whe know how pricey the Maxi Collars  are in our local stores. For that, I started to buy jewellerys in, you can check some styles HERE. Further more I'll post some reviews for the items that I got from them to help thoso who wants to order from them but have afraid! :)

 Miley Cirus wearing Maxi Colar with a very casual outfit
  (click on image to see similar necklace)

Look so over! Madonna, everything is so big! I give her 100 Kg in this pic :S
   (click on image to see similar necklace)

Simple and cute!
   (click on image to see similar necklace)

 With this jacket, the necklace matche perfectly!
   (click on image to see similar necklace)

 Waterfall, lovely :D
   (click on image to see similar necklace)

   (click on image to see similar necklace)

Do it youself, girl!

For you, girls! I love DIY tutorials, I really like to make with my own hands some stuff ;) You can give a try! I made my necklace just like the girl in the video, and guys, I got a wonderful waterfall necklace by folling her steps!

So, you guys like it? Please leave a message here to let me know ^^

See ya!

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  1. Adorei as dicas!!! Muito uteis.. Sucesso no blog.