Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: Shoulder Bag Brown

Fashionable Twist Lock Embellished Shoulder Bag Brown 

Item Number: HY11080505-3
Price: $11,35 USD
Weight: 1.300 Kilogram

Paid time: 2011-09-19
Shipped: 2011-10-08
Recieved: 2011-12-12 
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My opinion:
My expectation was really high for this bag, and  when i recieved and saw it I was so excited, the material is really good and strong, the color is perfect like the website picture and it is really well made *-*
This bag became my favorite! I had only one bad experience buying bags from (wich I will write a review later). Normally I recieve nice bags from them :D

My rate: 10/10

My pictures:

Below you can see some black lines fallen, I don't know if this should happen o.o'

 The straps are not attached, only upon the bag

Large capacity :D

 Behind have one zipper, i normally put the money to pay the bus LOL

Did you guys like it? Please let me know ;D
See ya!


  1. I have it too :) It's really nice! Since the original one it's expensive...I'm happy that I have the copy which it's so pretty

    1. I didn't know that have an original model, wich brand is it?
      This bag is pretty nice, right? haha