Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is your house ready to Christmas?

Hello people! I simply love when the end of the year is coming, there comes the Christmas and New Year, those remind me the time when I was a kid: cooking food for holidays, no school, vacations, gifts, time to play and stay with my parents and summer (yes, I live where the Christmas is on summer).

I'm now in a transition moment, I'm moving to an apartment where only me and my boyfrind will live. I really don't know if I'll have time to decor for Christmas, the paper of the renting still going on and looks like will delay. That's just ok, for as long it takes, more we will have to save money.

Here some ideas that I want to use in my new home, but maybe just for the next year!

These are some tips where you can find cute things to decor your home:

This cute socks only US$3.24

Only US$0.22 for the 6 pieces! Can you belive how cheap is that?

This cute Snowman for only US$0.41

3 snowflake pieces for only US$0.11

This cute pink snowman its is only US$0.54

Can you belive the prices? Here in my city the price of these Chirstmas decorations is 10 times more expensive! There are much more on their website, you can check here!

See ya!

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